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Savvy Rest Organic mattresses are made with natural latex, certified organic wool and certified organic wool.
Savvy Rest Organic mattresses are made with layers of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex encased in certified organic wool and certified organic cotton.

Why buy an organic mattress?

You want an eco-friendly mattress that won't undermine your health, and you know that most conventional mattresses contain toxic chemicals. Savvy Rest Organic mattresses are made with natural latex (natural rubber foam), certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. Visit our Organic Materials page to learn more about the benefits of these materials.

Why natural latex?

You want an organic mattress that's also comfortable and durable. Natural latex is responsive, pressure-relieving, resilient, and lasts for decades. Read more about our
natural latex.

Why Savvy Rest?

We provide the best service in the industry. We ship promptly. We offer clear and comprehensive information about organic mattresses to help you make a knowledgeable choice. We share certifications for all our materials. We also offer a 90-day comfort exchange, so you can alter the "feel" of your mattress. For more, visit savvyrest.com/why-savvy-rest.

The Savvy Rest design

Each Savvy Rest organic mattress is made of Soft, Medium and/or Firm layers of all-natural latex, Dunlop or Talalay, custom-combined to create a personalized fit for your body. The quilted organic cotton casing contains organic wool batting, a natural flame barrier. With this wool, Savvy Rest meets federal fire regulations with no toxic chemical flame retardants.

How to Choose

We have multiple ways to help you choose the right surface and support:

  1. Visit our How to Choose page.
  2. Read our literature. For example, our blog is an excellent resource for information about sleep issues and mattress materials.
  3. Visit a Savvy Rest dealer. To find the Savvy Rest dealer closest to you, visit savvyrest.com/dealers.
  4. Call us for a free, personal consultation: 866-856-4044.

Free samples

Touching the materials helps you understand our product in an immediate way. For samples of our natural Dunlop and Talalay latex, and our organic casing material, complete our Free Samples form.

Savvy Rest organic mattresses

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