Savvy Rest Values

Savvy Rest's company values remind us who we are; our shared purpose reminds us why we do what we do.

Our Values

Empathy. We value presence, practice openness, and respect vulnerability.

Health. We place well-being above profits. We contribute to better sleep, better health, and relief from pain and fear.

Empowerment. We offer accurate information to support conscious choices. What we don't know, we admit, and what we find out, we share.

Sustainability. We acknowledge our support from this beautiful earth, and we are accountable for our impact.

Our Purpose

We create exceptional products, with consciously-sourced materials, that contribute to comfort, rest, and relief from pain.

We believe that better sleep and trusting relationships inspire people, and that inspired people can change the world.


  A Savvy Rest pillow delivery to Shelter for Help in Emergency.  
  Savvy Rest is continually seeking new ways to reduce environmental impact.  
  Savvy Rest views selling mattresses as an opportunity for selflessness.  
  Our Safe Sleep Pillows Program provides pillows for women and children arriving at emergency shelters. Here’s how our stores are reaching out to domestic violence survivors.
  As a B Corporation, Savvy Rest seeks new ways to increase our positive impact on our communities, and to reduce our environmental footprint.  
  What would shopping be like if salespeople were taught to meet human needs rather than manipulate customers? Our founder’s philosophy helps inspire this view.