The Savvy Baby

Firm natural latex crib mattress in Savvy Rest's organic casing

Pure, safe, and supportive for growing infants, The Savvy Baby mattress is made of a single, solid 5” layer of Firm natural Dunlop latex, in the Savvy Rest Organic casing. 

  • Quilted top and bottom 
  • Sized for standard cribs: 27.5" x 52"
  • Total height: 6”

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Note: The Savvy Baby performs best on solid-bottom cribs; rigid support is required. For spring-type cribs, a ventilated support board should be added.


  Organic mattresses with natural latex, organic wool, and organic cotton.  
  Savvy Rest Organic Crib Pad  
  Savvy Rest is an employee-owned organic mattress manufacturing company featuring GreenGuard Gold certified products.  
  Organic mattresses won’t undermine your health with dangerous flame retardants, pesticide residues, and other toxic chemicals. For pure, safe sleep—choose a Savvy Rest organic mattress.

Natural wool is a very effective moisture barrier. The Savvy Baby Mattress Pad is a great alternative to plastic or vinyl pads. And with two-for-the-price-of-one, it’s also a great value.

  Some online competitors claim to make a product “just like” Savvy Rest’s or that their materials are “just the same." Here are five reasons why that isn’t true—or even close.