Savvy Rest News

Find Savvy Rest at Los Angeles Mattress Stores! - 10/20/2014

Looking for an organic mattress in LA? Stop by Los Angeles Mattress Stores for a full line of Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses, organic bedding, pillows and more!

Find Savvy Rest products in Pennsylvania at Your Organic Bedroom! - 10/6/2014

If you're outside of Philadelphia, stop by Your Organic Bedroom. With a variety of Savvy Rest products you'll find the Savvy Rest Serenity, our full organic mattress line, organic pillows, and more!

Near St. Louis? Find Savvy Rest at STL Beds! - 9/8/2014

For Savvy Rest products including our organic mattress, organic toppers, and organic pillows go to STL Beds! Give them a call or visit their showroom and find out more.

Raleigh, NC has Savvy Rest! - 9/2/2014

If you're near Raleigh, North Carolina, Savvy Rest products are nearby! The Organic Bedroom carries a full line of Savvy Rest products. Visit their showroom right off of Route 70 and try an organic mattress for yourself!

North of Chicago? Visit North Shore Bedding for Savvy Rest products - 8/26/2014

If you're looking for Savvy Rest products outside of Chicago, stop by North Shore Bedding in Northbrook.

Asheville, NC has Savvy Rest products! Visit Nest Organics. - 8/18/2014

Located at 51 North Lexington Avenue, Nest Organics carries Savvy Rest mattresses. Stop by the shop and choose the latex layers that fit you! Choose supportive Dunlop and/or luxurious Talalay latex.

Savvy Rest is in new cities! - 8/12/2014

New Savvy Rest dealers are now in the following cities:

Buffalo, NY
South Bend, IN
Bellingham, WA
Parksville, BC
Mobile, AL
Syracuse, NY
Hyannis, MA.

Look for Savvy Rest mattresses and bedding in stores nationwide. Click on Find a Dealer for the retailer nearest you.

Sleep organic north of Pittsburgh at the Natural Sleep Shop! - 8/11/2014

For Savvy Rest products near Pittsburgh, visit the Natural Sleep Shop. Located in Cranberry Township, PA, the Natural Sleep Shop carries Savvy Rest organic mattresses, organic bedding, organic toppers, and more! Visit the Natural Sleep Shop's website for hours and contact information.

Denver and Fort Collins carry Savvy Rest. Stop by The Natural Sleep Store! - 8/4/2014

Try Savvy Rest organic mattresses at The Natural Sleep Store located in Denver and Fort Collins.

Near Minneapolis? Find Savvy Rest organic mattresses, toppers, pillows, and bedding at Moss Envy! - 7/28/2014

Located just northwest of Lake Calhoun, Moss Envy carries a variety of Savvy Rest products. From organic mattress to toppers, pillows, and bedding accessories. Stop by Moss Envy and try out a Savvy Rest mattress for yourself!