Savvy Rest News

Savvy Rest is in Lawrence, Kansas! Find our organic mattresses at Eagles' Rest. - 7/21/2014

Eagles' Rest—located 45 minutes west of Kansas City—features Savvy Rest's organic products. Find something you like online? From mattresses to pillows, if you're near Kansas City give Eagles' Rest a visit!

Savvy Rest organic mattresses are in Oregon! Visit ECO Sleep Solutions in Eugene or Corvallis. - 7/14/2014

ECO Sleep Solutions carries Savvy Rest's full line of products. From organic mattresses made with natural latex to our organic pillows, toppers, bedding, and more!

Find Savvy Rest in Durham, North Carolina - 7/7/2014

If you are near Durham, check out Savvy Rest organic mattresses, toppers, and pillows for yourself! Visit Green Dream Beds at 3401 University Drive. Stop by and take a nap!

Savvy Rest is in Charlotte! Stop by TruSleep Organics to try a latex mattress. - 6/30/2014

For a full line of Savvy Rest products stop by TruSleep Organics in Charlotte to try a natural latex mattress, a topper, or all of our customizable pillows!

West of Philadelphia? Find Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses at Your Organic Bedroom - 6/25/2014

Your Organic Bedroom features Savvy Rest. Visit their store to try out the natural Serenity latex mattress!

For Organic Mattresses near St. Louis, go to STL Beds! - 6/16/2014

Located southwest of St. Louis, STL Beds carries all Savvy Rest organic mattresses including the Serenity, the Savvy Baby crib mattress, our organic pillows, and more. For more information, check out their site here.

Raleigh, North Carolina has Savvy Rest. Visit The Organic Bedroom and try an Organic Latex Mattress! - 6/9/2014

If you're looking for a natural latex mattress near Raleigh, The Organic Bedroom is your destination for a variety of Savvy Rest mattresses, pillows, bedding accessories, and more!

Near Chicago? Visit North Shore Bedding to find Savvy Rest organic mattresses & more. - 6/2/2014

Located in North Shore suburb of Chicago, North Shore Bedding offers a variety of natural latex mattresses, pillows and bedding for your natural bedroom.


Shopping natural mattresses near Asheville? Visit Nest Organics downtown on North Lexington! - 5/26/2014

Nest Organics carries a full line of Savvy Rest products including our Serenity mattress, organic crib mattress, and our Simple Fit mattresses. To find products for a healthier home, stop by their store!

Looking for Savvy Rest in Colorado? Check out The Natural Sleep Store. - 5/19/2014

Stop by The Natural Sleep Store and try out Savvy Rest's organic latex mattresses, crib mattresses, toppers, and accessories. The Natural Sleep Store has locations in Denver and Fort Collins.