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A Savvy Rest natural latex mattress is made with two, three, or four layers of Soft, Medium or Firm natural latex.
A Savvy Rest natural latex mattress is customized for your body with two, three, or four layers of Soft, Medium or Firm natural latex. Choose supportive Dunlop, cushioning Talalay, or both.

Choosing your organic mattress

We can help! One-on-one, we’ve helped thousands of people choose layers for their Savvy Rest mattresses. (Even on each side, for couples who need different things.)

Savvy Rest organic mattresses can be customized for your body with combinations of Soft, Medium or Firm Dunlop and/or Talalay natural latex. Your height, weight, the “feel” you love and any pain issues are key. Working together, the right layers make a big difference in your comfort and the quality of your sleep.

The best approach is to try different configurations at the nearest Savvy Rest dealer. Or you can use the resources right here, including two short videos. How to Choose - Introduction is a good overview. How to Choose - The Basics goes into more detail.

Popular combinations

Here are some popular combinations, with commentary.

Our most popular natural latex mattress configuration   Our softest and firmest recommendations for an all-Dunlop organic mattress
This combo offers pressure-relieving softness with stable support for the spine. Comfortable for many body types, it’s also a popular choice for guest beds and an adaptable configuration for a growing child. The top two layers can be reversed for a firmer feel.   Left: Soft layering offers petite people a cradling feel with little “resistance.” Right: Those with nerve-related back pain (especially disk issues) often need very firm support; Dunlop does this best. An alternative with a bit more yield is Medium over Medium over Firm.
Natural Talalay latex provides pressure relief   Multiple layers of Talalay offer relief and luxury
Many couples love luxurious Soft Talalay. Left: For someone who loves climbing “into” bed, this top transitions gently to Soft Dunlop. Right: With denser core layers, a larger person or someone with frequent muscle-related backache can benefit from both types.   Talalay layers can ease shoulder or hip stiffness and help relieve other chronic pain. Left: Great for petite-to-average people who love “a bed that hugs back” -- but folks over 160 pounds need more density. Right: Stable core support topped with just-enough pressure relief.
An organic wool mattress topper can add plush to any bed surface   A Harmony organic latex topper offers an extra layer of comfort
For people who sleep hot or those who prefer just a hint of “pillowy,” the Savvy Woolsy is a uniquely comforting surface. Here, luxurious Medium Talalay is responsive but not too “sinky.” Heavy people appreciate how well it transitions their weight to the denser Dunlop below.   The separate Harmony topper creates a blissful, embracing feel. Soft Talalay makes the plushest Harmony. A Soft Dunlop Harmony is comfortably soft, a bit firmer than the Talalay. A Harmony can top any configuration; here, Talalay is layered over a stable core.

Still unsure?

Just contact us. We’ll help you choose your configuration with a brief chat (and can take an order over the phone if you’d like). Even after purchasing, if you decide you need a change in firmness, you can exchange layers for up to 90 days.

We don’t sleep well until you do.


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