Savvy Rest Staff

Michael Penny

Launching an organic mattress company is nothing I set out to do, yet Savvy Rest has been the happy result of choices I made along the way.

I am a yoga teacher at heart. I lived and taught in a yoga community for 20 years. I loved helping people to relax and experience their own inner world.

Later I worked for a futon company and gradually learned the mattress business; how they are made, and how they are marketed and sold. As I learned what toxic chemicals wind up in mattresses, it became my life's work to create a healthy, comfortable alternative.

I am passionate about health and how sleep contributes to well being, and I enjoy giving talks to groups about sleep and holistic health.

My staff and I go out of our way to establish and maintain excellent communication among ourselves, and with our dealers and customers. We treat one another and everyone in our circles with dignity and respect. Positive relationships foster good business, and our success is primarily due to this commitment. We say what we mean, and we do what we say.

That's who we are. Our mission is to offer you mattresses and bedding products that create the most healthful sleeping environment possible.

Seanan Maranzano

I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2004 in anthropology, and then worked on a yacht out of Fort Lauderdale. That was exciting, but I wasn’t destined to be a deckhand.

Sleep has fascinated me since high school. The rigor of trying to balance academics, sports, work and other activities wore me down. I felt like an android, stiff and disconnected. Just when my mind needed to be at its sharpest, I was spending more time on assignments and getting less done. I also became increasingly irritable. It got to the point where I would fall asleep sitting up in class. I knew I shouldn’t be so tired all the time.

I studied sleep for a research paper and learned that although people spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping, they typically understand little about the sleep cycle and how it affects their everyday lives. I reprioritized my sleep time and began paying closer attention to my sleep habits, and soon noticed an improvement in my health and well being. Sleep studies also resurfaced in my college psychology courses. Still, I would never have guessed that a few years later I would be helping other people find sleep solutions. I love what I do.

I feel an ethical responsibility to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint behind. I know after my Savvy Rest mattress has served its purpose it will decompose without seeping toxins into the land and water. I want future generations to enjoy the same hobbies and beautiful scenery I have. And in the present, I work hard, play hard and can get up and do it again because I sleep like a hibernating bear on my Savvy Rest.

Dominick Palamenti

I joined the Savvy Rest team in November of 2006 after weathering the sale of a company I had been part of for 14 years. I had seen a darker side of business during that process, so it is a pleasure now to be part of a company in which transparency is highly valued and honest interaction is the norm.

But business was not my first love. I spent many years training as an actor and performing in theater productions in Switzerland, Italy, New York and in Virginia. After my first seven years with Savvy Rest in Virginia, these days I am delighted to be managing a Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom store in Berkeley, California.

I have always loved to sleep. All my other interests aside, it is my favorite pastime. 

It is very satisfying to apply my business skills and contribute to the growth of a company that has such an important mission: helping people to find the healthiest possible sleep.


Laura Wallace

I’ve worked in the creative side of marketing and publishing for 20 years, including stints as an editor for Prevention Magazine Health Books and in senior positions at several intrepid dot-coms. I earned my M.A. with a Teaching Fellowship from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars, and returned to Baltimore later on to head up the editorial division of a publishing firm. I’ve always felt there should be blue mountains at the end of every street, though, so I’m glad I came home to Charlottesville.

It’s both gratifying and fun to spread the word about Savvy Rest, and I am happy to be part of this team of smart, caring and conscientious people. To me, Savvy Rest means not only wonderful natural mattresses and bedding, but right livelihood, too.

John Howard-Smith

I love seeing new places. Exploring the world introduced me to my fiancée, inspired a Masters degree and ultimately brought me back to Savvy Rest—I worked in our shipping department as a college student. Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes—and always will be—but it has also helped me appreciate the value of having a great hometown, being surrounded by good people and experiencing restful sleep. 

The desire to travel fits my personality; I’m not comfortable unless I’m doing something new or being productive. I try to fit workouts, piano playing, reading and crossword puzzles into my free time each day. I used to view sleep as a necessary evil; why rest while the world continues to move? But working here has changed that. I get better rest because of our products. And I look forward to sleeping at night, and going to work in the morning. I get to promote a product that I love for a living with people that I care about; and that helps me rest easy, too.